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My Story


My desire for helping others has its origins in the trauma from my own history.  I've survived and recovered from many years of unhealthy mindset and similar  behavior patterns.  The process of learning about myself and  how  to  overcome each of my challenges has been monumental in creating a deep desire for  empowering others.

My beginnings in community work began during the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s.  Over the decades I've participated  with and worked for many not-for-profit organizations and social projects.  Some of that list includes environmental causes, crisis services, LGBTQIA+ services, seniors programs, mental health programs and addiction recovery programs.  I hope to never stop contributing this way. 

My career intention today resides in empowering professionals who choose careers in support of environmental and social justice causes.  By providing support and enlightenment here, I am also contributing to those causes that are most dear to me -  people and planet!

Client Testimony
One on One

"After every meeting I've had with Melissa, I come away feeling inspired and motivated to keep seeking my personal growth. She's great and one of the wisest women I've ever run across. I'm blown away!"  Faith 2021


"Melissa is so easy to talk to and she really keeps me on track! She has wonderful active listening skills and has guided me to a whole new perspective in a way that my feelings are balanced.  She's truly an expert and I feel like I am finally going to be able to push through the mud that has been holding me back." Alexis 2021 

"Before I met Melissa I was going through a life transition that felt overwhelming and I felt like I needed clarity through the process.  Melissa has been so wonderful to work with.  She has been supporting me as I transition but she also holds me accountable for going after what I want.  At times I get in my own way and she has a gift for recognizing that and giving me the tools I need to get past myself.  I have seen my life transition into more of what I want it to be since I started working with her.  If you want more out of the life you're currently experiencing, but you feel stuck then I would highly recommend working with Melissa.  She has a gift for what does."  Cara G. 2017


"I gained some valuable insights into my working relationships and how my behavior affects them. Melissa helped guide me to a specific plan of action to help improve my approach. Thanks so much, Melissa, this is the thing that was missing!"  Genevieve 2020


"Melissa is a wonderfully effective coach.  She has great insight and can see the big picture, which helps to cut through a lot of time and nonsense.  She helped me see some important issues in my life with inquiries that lead to a big breakthrough for me.  Melissa is multi-talented, from supporting with inner issues as well as navigating a complicated contract situation.  Through it all she makes you feel safe, cared for and important along the way." Kim P 2018


"Melissa is a deeply empathetic and effective coach who I have worked with for several years. I am very grateful to have had and continue to have her support and guidance during some very tough transitions and career adjustments. She is steadfast, wise, and true."  Jill R. 2012


"Having Melissa as my coach was an amazing experience.  She took me on a path that I had not been paying attention to, or was avoiding.  The outcomes were life and career changing!"  Goli M 2017

Group Facilitator
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