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Are you an overwhelmed professional?
  • Are you dedicated to your cause but struggling to keep up with company demands, deadlines, client and employee needs?

  • Do you have a growth mindset but find that your physical body is stressed and tense from feeling emotionally overwhelmed?


  • Are you the type to shut yourself down emotionally? 

  • Are you numbing out with a glass of wine every night or developing addictive behavior patterns?

I get it, I was there too - dealing with those above
and below me while trying to change the world
under the pressures of pleasing clients,
share holders or board members.  
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I know you can find resolution!

  • This is why I use truth-based sessions to bring more self-awareness for sourcing your neglected core values and inner desires.  The intention there is to customize  empowering exercises for rejuvenation, confidence building and motivation.

  • My truth-based sessions will put you back in touch with your purpose and your “why.”  This synchronicity with your values and vision will bring a renewed sense of power and momentum in your intended direction. A whole new confident and capable professional persona will arise to carry you forward on your own.

Introducing, Sage Mastery!
  • Two months of weekly one-hour Zoom sessions will take you from Deflated to Momentous!

  • This program is quick, effective AND life changing!

  • It will leave you feeling free from defeat, re-charged and ready to fight for the cause!

I came from a childhood background of trauma, followed by years of unhealthy mindset and addiction.  For the last 30 years, I have discovered the tricks and collected the tips on overcoming then thriving, no matter what.  I’ve shared my experience, insights and skills with hundreds of others who are living healthier lives as a result.  If we can do it, you can, too!

When you join Sage Mastery, you will:
  • Define your Core Values

  • Explore your Purpose and Vision

  • Embody “Being” Vs. “Doing”

  • Go Deeper with Emotional Processing

  • Examine Alternate Perspectives

  • Reveal your Cognitive Distortions

  • Uncover your Limiting Self-Beliefs

  • Expose the roots of your Self-Doubt

  • Replace Overthinking

  • Develop your Internal Team

  • Create Whole life fulfillment

Ongoing sessions meet your scheduling flexibility needs!


To schedule your intro session:  

“Melissa is an admirably effective Coach.  It's truly been a transforming experience learning from and growing with her support.  If you're ready to find your flow and progress toward positive outcomes, I highly encourage you to work with her." G. Miller

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