Guiding from Wisdom

It's easy to fall prey to the concept of ultimate CONTROL, especially with the demands of today's busy, technologically driven lifestyles.  Learning to guide yourself from a place of true wisdom is the key to managing a full life.  In our Fulfillment Session, we will peel back the layers to access your inner wisdom.  Then through an enlightening exercise, you will be empowered with an effortless pathway to that inner wisdom for daily use.

Take Back Your Life

Have you fallen into habits and patterns that seem to control you?  Would you like to feel more free in developing a healthier way of life?  My Co-Active Coaching model is designed for snapping you out of that old routine and REPROGRAMMING yourself for something more efficient that's in line with your values.  In our Process Session, we will work towards your introspective freedom!

Working WITH you, FOR you! 

Helping   Individuals   and   Small   Businesses

with Accountability, Confidence, Motivation, Behavioral Changes and Team Building.  My personal expertise, in combination with professional skill, brings a wealth of wisdom and guidance for anyone willing to address imbalance in their own lives, work and communities. In the process, I naturally provide Peer Support, as I have related lived experience.  I work with folks in the midst of life and relationship transitions, addiction, career  changes, spiritual exploration and more!


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Coaching Explained:
Give Yourself Permission

It's so important to understand and recognize the difference between healthy self-regulation and damaging self-criticism.  When we are too hard on ourselves we end up feeling helpless and stuck.  This can lead to PROCRASTINATION on important tasks and drive a wedge in relationships.  Let's set up a Discovery session and uncover whats keeping you stuck!

Find Your Greatest Self

One of the cornerstones of Co-Active Coaching is the belief that EVERY client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole.  I believe that you are justified in what you value and desire in this life.  Through our Balance Session we will discover powerful aspects of your true self, which are sometimes latent.  Then together we will develop methods for you to call upon them during times of need. 

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