My Story

My desire for helping others has its origins in the abandonment, betrayal and traumatic events that have  occurred in my  own life.  I've survived and recovered from many years of unhealthy mindset and similar  behavior patterns.  The process of learning about myself and  how  to  overcome    each    of    my

challenges has been monumental in  creating  a  deep desire  for  empowering  others.   

My beginnings in community work began during the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s.  Over the decades I've participated  with and worked for many not-for-profit organizations and social projects.  Some of that list includes, crisis hot-lines, LGBTQ services, assisting with seniors, mental health and addiction recovery.  I hope to never stop contributing this way. 


As for my current business, I officially started in 2013.  I provided home visits to adults and seniors with mental disorders and quickly gained a reputation in the psychiatric community.  It was great fun and I love to occasionally check in on my clients from those days.  I'm so grateful for the relationships I've experienced in my clients.

These days my focus is Life Coaching and Peer Support.  It's important to me to empower others while providing non-judgemental care and unconditional compassion.  I'm working with people across the globe and hope to continue expanding my horizons. 

My Peer Support education came from courses in an addiction recovery program called Parfessionals, working with private clientele and four years with the Institute on Aging.  My Life Coaching training, practice hours and certification was completed through the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA.

Client Testimony

"After every meeting I've had with Melissa, I come away feeling inspired and motivated to keep seeking my personal growth. She's great and one of the wisest women I've ever run across. I'm blown away!"  Faith 2021


"Melissa is so easy to talk to! She guided me to a whole new perspective and I feel like I am finally going to be able to push through the mud that has been holding me back." Alexis 2021

​"I had no idea what working with a coach would be like.  Before I met Melissa I was going through a life transition that felt overwhelming and I felt like I just needed someone to hold my hand through the process.

Since then, Melissa has been so wonderful to work with.  She not only has been supporting me as I transition but she also holds me accountable for going after what I want.  At times I get in my own way and she has a gift for recognizing that and giving me the tools I need to get past myself.  I have seen my life transition into more of what I want it to be since I started working with her.  It's like having a cheerleader always by your side, one that gives you exactly what you need at the right time.  If you want more out of the life you're currently experiencing, but you feel stuck or want more support then I would highly recommend working with Melissa.  She has a gift for what does."  Cara G. 2017

"I gained some valuable insights into relationships and how my behavior affects them. Melissa helped guide me to a specific plan of action to help improve my approach to my main relationships. Thanks so much, Melissa!"  Genevieve 2020

"Melissa is a wonderful coach and support.  She has great insight and can see the big picture, which helps to cut through a lot of time and nonsense.  She helped me see some important issues in my life with gentle inquiries that lead to a big breakthrough for me.  After years of therapy that says a lot.  Melissa is multi-talented from supporting with inner issues as well as problem solving a complicated business situation.  Through it all she makes you feel safe, cared for and important along the way." Kim P 2018

"Melissa is indeed the Mary Poppins of emotional health, and so much more.  I believe she has a special gift working with seniors, like myself.  I was referred to her by my psychotherapist. I am bipolar and ADD, and had become unable to deal with the disorganized mess that was my life. Melissa pitched right in; she is so clever and creative at helping arrange systems that work for ME. She made it fun because of the delightful person she is.  With her experience, wisdom and compassion, she helped me by talking about my mental and emotional process while we worked.  She was the perfect compliment to a therapist. Melissa has experienced and worked through many of the struggles that I deal with. . . She understands! She's been there!  She is extremely wise, understanding, competent, caring, and helpful. I am so blessed to have connected with her."  Kathleen R 2013

"Melissa is a deeply empathetic and caring coach who I have worked with for several years. I am very grateful to have had and continue to have her support and guidance during some very tough times. She is steadfast, wise, and true."  Jill R. 2012

"Melissa is compassionate, caring, warm and dedicated to her work with you.  She also has a wonderful sense of humor!"  Joyce P. 2014

"Melissa is an admirably effective Coach and a deeply compassionate Peer Supporter.  It's truly been a transforming experience learning from and growing with her support.  If you're ready to find your flow and progress toward positive outcomes, I highly encourage you to work with her." G. Miller 2015

"Melissa has been an amazing Coach to me.  She has been there every step through a tragic life event and I will be forever grateful.  She has continued to coach me and I am now rebuilding my life with much more hope.  Melissa is an inspiration to me and I would highly recommend her to anyone.  She is amazing!" B. Verges 2011

"...having Melissa as my coach was an amazing experience.

She took me on a path that I had not been paying attention to, or was avoiding.  The outcome was a true blessing.  Thank you Melissa, for doing such a great job!"

Goli M 2017